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Ecolab Nommo is a cleaning and sanitizing tap water station, which automatically mixes two concentrated products with water.Two accurately dosed products not only guarantee hygienic environment and consistent cleaning results but what is most important, their separate selectable position eliminate the risk of chemical crossover, spill-over and injuries, making Nommo safe to work with. Centrally located selector switch enables intuitive operation of the station and easy changing between three cleaning function (clean – rinse – sanitize) and it also has integrated ball valve.Nommo gives high flexibility in the form of applying products on surfaces, depending on the selection of accessory kit, you can either SPRAY detergents or FOAM detergents. Finally, both accessory kits contain a long lance for better rinsing boost and occupational health preventing the end users from bending down. It’s a real favorite!


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Nommo Foam kit

Nommo spray kit

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Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
SN Nommo tap water cleaning station 110005688 10051191
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