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Hybrid 7 Mainstation Ecolab

Automated cleaning equipment is recommended when downtime is not an option.

The future of the Food and Beverage industry is intelligent factories that ensure the highest efficiency, flexibility, quality, and sustainability and automated Hybrid 7 Mainstation and Satellite from Nilfisk FOOD support realization of those goals.

Hybrid 7 Mainstation is the best in class, fully featured automated cleaning station with components specifically optimized for the F&B and OEM industry that both OEMs and the Food and Beverage producers will benefit from. It’s also very easy to service with lots of simplified smart features. Simplification is also expressed by Modularity where not only the same components but also models are used across the entire product portfolio.

Nozzle bars are to be carefully selected so it’s size and amount will match the cleaning equipment’s capacity and the design of the cleaning zone. Perfect match will result in the best foam quality and the best technically possible cleaning and hygienic results.

The new norm

At Nilfisk FOOD we take pride in being a pioneer and trendsetter within the world of industrial hygiene. Therefore, we are proud to introduce a new cutting-edge technology – the Hybrid 7 – to help food and beverage producers be more productive and competitive.

Hybrid 7 – THE NEW NORM of foam cleaning



Directions for use
Product sheet
User guide 110009191
Software manual 110009192C
IO module manual 110009305B
Software: Hybrid 7 Software TOOL
Hybrid 7 Inverter Software V212
Hybrid 7 Inverter Upgrade Tool Software V1.0.0
Software change log Hybrid 7 Inverter


Accessories kit 110003307

Accessories kits

Injector kits

Nozzle bars

Rotating nozzles


Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
MA2IM Mainstation 2 products, interface, manual outlet 110009153 10059603
MA3IM Mainstation 3 products, interface, manual outlet 110009154 10059602
MA2I Mainstation 2 products, interface 110009151 10059599
MA3I Mainstation 3 products, interface 110009152 10059598
SA2IM Satellite 2 products, interface, manual outlet 110009157 10059597
SA3IM Satellite 3 products, interface, manual outlet 110009158 10059596
SA2I Satellite 2 products, interface 110009155 10059601
SA3I Satellite 3 products, interface 110009156 10059600
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