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Ecolab Hybrid Yeti is a robust satellite with one detergent, designed for heavy duty cleaning in the food and beverage industry.

The patented built in Corona Technology air system sets standards within the cleaning industry. Thanks to this system, the air is injected into the water stream over a bigger surface and a higher speed. The result is a better mix of air, compound and water that generates approx. 20% more foam.

The Hybrid Yeti unit is supplied with the latest Hybrid7 block technology from Nilfisk FOOD.

The new norm

At Nilfisk FOOD we take pride in being a pioneer and trendsetter within the world of industrial hygiene. Therefore, we are proud to introduce a new cutting-edge technology – the Hybrid 7 – to help food and beverage producers be more productive and competitive.

Hybrid 7 – THE NEW NORM of foam cleaning



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Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
Hybrid Yeti High pressure foamer SY1-HP 110007174 1100058495
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