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Powerful cleaning station

The XP Mobile Foamer is a powerful cleaning station with advanced foam technology and three cleaning functions, all in one compact unit.


Directions for use XP Foamer 110V/60Hz 110002801S
Directions for use XP Foamer 230V/60H - 230V/50Hz 110003630C
Spare part list XP Foamer 110V/60Hz 110002801S
Spare part list XP Foamer 230V/60H - 230V/50Hz 110003630C
Product sheet
User guide 110003712E
Service check list
Japan Addendum XP Foamer 110004778G


Accessories kit 110003307

Accessories kits


Available models

Model Item Number EBS no.
XP Foamer 230V/50Hz+standard accessory kit 110003906 10033096
XP Foamer 230V/60Hz 110003522 -
XP Foamer 110V/60Hz 110002426 92213317
XP Foamer 100V/50Hz 119000314 R92222862
XP Foamer 100V/60Hz 119000315 R92222863
Each model (except 110V/60Hz) is delivered together with the following accessories:
Foam nozzle on a 100 mm long lance, stainless steel
Tornado nozzle on a 240 mm log lance, stainless steel
Chemical pick up hoses (2x) incl. Chemical limiting nozzles
engineered-to-run (1)