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Hybrid 7 MH

Hybrid 7 Mainstations are the best in class, fully featured cleaning stations used for Open Plant Cleaning in the Food & Beverage industry.

By embracing guided service, modularity, remote support and having components optimized for the food and beverage industry, this cleaning station will not only allow you to achieve the best technically possible cleaning and hygienic results. It will also maximize performance, improve energy efficiency, contribute to sustainability, and decrease downtime in your food and beverage production facility.

Mainstation is a two in one cleaning and pump station. Integrated water outlet and pump makes it possible to be used as a standalone cleaning-station, but it can also be equipped with additional satellites allowing a maximum of 4 simultaneous users.

Hybrid 7 Mainstation has a Stainless Stell cover and closed, hygienic design of the cover and backplate.

Hybrid 7 Hybrid Compact Pegasus Mainstation has an ABS cover, and open design of the backplate.

The new norm

At Nilfisk FOOD we take pride in being a pioneer and trendsetter within the world of industrial hygiene. Therefore, we are proud to introduce a new cutting-edge technology – the Hybrid 7 – to help food and beverage producers be more productive and competitive.

Hybrid 7 – THE NEW NORM of foam cleaning



Directions for use 110009418 (dansk, english, deutsch, francais, espanol, italiano, polski, nederlands)
Product sheet Hybrid 7 Mainstations MH42&MP42
User guide 110009500
Hybrid 7 Inverter Software V212
Hybrid 7 Inverter Upgrade Tool Software V1.0.0
Software change log Hybrid 7 Inverter
Hybrid 7 Display Module Software V1.1.2
Hybrid 7 Display Module Bootloader V1.1.1


Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
Hybrid 7 Mainstation Hybrid 4 users, 2 products MH42 110007232 10062125
Hybrid 7 Mainstation Pegasus 4 users, 2 products MP42 110007228 10062115
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engineered-to-run (1)