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Nilfisk FOOD Hybrid Penta pre-diluted satellite has just one outlet for up to four cleaning functions, making the cleaning process quicker and safer for the end-user.All functions are selected through just one change-over handle adding to the user-friendliness of the satellite.Hybrid Penta is also available for up to five cleaning functions where the fifth function will have its own separate outlet. Hybrid Penta is to be connected to Phoenix Mix Stations and Hybrid Booster, and is highly recommended for Food & Beverage production plants with high safety standards, where concentrated chemicals are not allowed inside the production areas.

The new norm

At Nilfisk FOOD we take pride in being a pioneer and trendsetter within the world of industrial hygiene. Therefore, we are proud to introduce a new cutting-edge technology – the Hybrid 7 – to help food and beverage producers be more productive and competitive.

Hybrid 7 – THE NEW NORM of foam cleaning



Directions for use 110005793M
Spare part list 110005793
Upgrade instructions for Hybrid Penta 110007904
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filter for satellite

Installation kit for Satellites

Accessories kit 110003307

Accessories kits


Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
SH21-PD22 2 outlets, 2 locally picked up products (1xfoam, 1xspray), 2 pd products (2x foam) rinse function 110006002 1100051870
SH11-PD22 1 outlet, 1 locally picked up product (1 x foam), 2 prediluted products (2xfoam), rinse funcion 110006003 1100051869
SH-PD21 1 outlet, 2 prediluted products (1xfoam), rinse function 110006459 1100052652
SH-PD22 1 outletx 2 prediluted products (2xfoam), rinse function 110006004 1100051868
SH-PD32 1 outlet, 3 prediluted products (2xfoam, 1xspray) rinse function 110006005 1100051867
Sh-PD22 DW 1 outlet, 2 pre-diluted products (2xfoam), rinse function, dual water - two seperate water inlets 110006006 1100051866
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