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The smart supply station in the Food & Beverage industry. The Nilfisk Booster supplies boosted water to satellites for foam cleaning, rinsing and disinfection of exterior surfaces. The boosters are floor mounted and allow from 16 to 48 simultaneous users on one booster.

The Boosters are engineered to run at variable water pressure from 116 to 362 psi and are equipped with features such as dry-run protection, temperature monitoring, IR interface, external start/stop signal and I/O ports for external control. The Nilfisk Booster is also energy efficient, contributing to sustainable efforts, thanks to the IE5 Grundfos pump.

The Hybrid-P Multi Booster range – with new and improved inverter – which is temperature secured, automatically turns down the speed of the pump in case of overheating.


Directions for use Service manual Multi booster 110004337E serial no: 106.01.000XXX (phase 0)
Spare part list Multi booster 110004337 serial no: 106.01.000XXX (phase 0)
Directions for use Service manual Hybrid Multi booster 110008335A serial no: 151.01.000XXX (phase 1)
Spare part list Hybrid Multi booster 110008335 serial no: 151.01.000XXX (phase 1)
Directions for use servie manual Hybrid-P Multi booster 110008337 serial no: 152.01.000XXX (phase 2)
Spare part list Hybrid-P Multi booster 110008337 serial no: 152.01.000XXX (phase 2)
Installation guide Multi booster 110004336
Inverter replacement kit multi booster manual 110009291
Technical manual 110002605A
Recommended spare parts
Software manual Hybrid-P 110007941D
Software manual Multi booster 110001708B
Software for display 110007874 V5.2
Software upgrade TOOL FWU V200
Software change log
Error log reader
Drawing internal tank control
Piping guideline BF16
Piping guideline BF24
Piping guideline BF32
Piping guideline Table pipe line
Assigning adress after replacement of display


Installation kit Multi Boosters


Available models

Model Description Item Number EBS no.
BF16-2+ Booster 16 V2 110001640 10017574
BF24-3+ Booster 24 V2 110001641 10013074
BF32-4+ Booster 32 V2 110001642 10017575
BF40-5+ Booster 40 V2 110001643 10017603
BF48-6 Booster 48 V2 110001644 10017604
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